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                Location : Home > Products
                22X Integrated HD IP Infrared Pan/Tilt Unit

                Model : DR-E688HDE22M-IRL

                Category : HD Pan/Tilt Unit

                • Introduction
                • Parameter
                • Drawing
                • Download
                Sensor 1/1.9", 2 megapixel, CMOS
                Focus/Zoom 6.5~143mm,22X optical zoom
                Iris Auto/Manual,F1.5~F3.4
                Shutter Auto/Manual,1/6~1/8000s
                Min. illumination 0.001 lux (F1.5,50IRE,Color)
                0.0001 lux (F1.5,50IRE, B/W)
                S/N >55dB
                Wide dynamic range 120dB
                Day/Night IR-cut filter with auto switch (ICR)
                Video Compression H.265、H.264、MJPEG
                Image Resolution 1080P(1920*1080)60FPS
                Video Stream Three Bit Stream
                OSD Time OSD,Custom OSD
                Privacy Mask Support
                Behavior detection Cross border detection, invasion of the region, into the area, to leave the area, loitering, fast moving, gathering, illegal parking, legacy object detection, object removal detection
                anomaly detection Abnormal sound
                Intelligent recognition Face detection, license plate recognition, mixed line detection
                statistical analysis passenger flow statistics
                Audio Compression AAC-LC、G.711
                Voice intercom  Support
                Front end Storage Support Micro SD Storage,Max 128GB
                Backend Storage Dual channel iSCSI data storage
                cache record Support
                Compatible Integration ONVIF2.4、GB/T28181
                Audio input/output audio interface:3.5mm
                input: impedance 35KΩ amplitude 2V[p-p]
                output: impedance 600Ω amplitude 2V[p-p]
                Alarm 2 input,1 output
                alarm linkage can set
                serial RS485
                network 10/100M Base-TX
                Pan range 360°continuous panning 
                Pan speed 0.5°~80°/s
                Tilt range  -90°~+50°
                Tilt speed 0.5°~15°/s
                Ratio zoom support
                Preset 255
                Sequence  6 Tours
                Power off self lock Support
                network RJ45 10Base-T/100Base-TX PoE(IEEE802.3af)
                Irradiation distance 100M
                Infrared angle Depend Focus changeable
                General Norm
                Power supply AC24±4V,50Hz
                Power consumption 72W
                Protection Grade  IP66 TVS 3KV video, data, power lightning and surge proof
                Working temperature -40℃~65 ℃
                Working humility <90%