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                Intelligent Transportation Industry
                Intelligent Transportation System Solution

                The intelligent transportation system is the development direction of the future transportation system. It is a kind of technology that integrates advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology, and computer technology into the entire ground traffic management system. A comprehensive, real-time, accurate, and efficient integrated transportation management system that functions in a wide range and in all directions.

                Eric has a full range of intelligent traffic products based on high-definition video technology, including electronic police system products, smart bayonet system products, simple bayonet system products, and vehicle control platform software.

                Eric's Urban Intelligent Transportation Solutions provider provides a large number of intelligent transportation solutions for cities across the country.

                Project features:

                Full embedded industrial design

                Large-capacity local data storage

                Support camera built-in license plate recognition

                Accurate vehicle positioning

                Accurate exposure control

                Photo fill light with narrow pulse strobe light technology

                Video detection as an auxiliary vehicle detection method

                Front-end system structure is simple and stable

                System functions:

                Vehicle capture function

                Vehicle speeding illegal evidence collection

                Snapping of “five types” of illegal acts

                Normal driving capture and forensic functions

                Vehicle image recording and detection

                License plate recognition function

                Model discrimination function

                Front-end backup storage

                Video assist trigger function

                Vehicle speed measurement function

                Dispatch alarm function HD video stream acquisition function

                Traffic parameter acquisition function

                Image tamper protection

                Vehicle information temporary storage and upload function

                Network remote maintenance function

                GIS GIS map operation

                Power-off restart function

                Vehicle image recording function