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                Safety City Industry

                 With the development of CCTV, video surveillance is highly relied to help prevent crime, warn before danger strikes and enable groups to communicate effectively. SAE’s products play a very important role in city surveillance and are profoundly acknowledged by government associations with its excellent performance in each project. It is proud to announce that SAE is the recommended brand for safety city surveillance.
                City Surveillance in FuTian District of Shenzhen
                Located in the center of Shenzhen city, FuTian District is the heart of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, as well as the heart of economy, culture and business. Bureau of public security of FuTian is fully aware of the significance of the security in this district. The project called SAFE FUTIAN is just in time to crack down and prevent social crimes. It is the largest city surveillance in the world. With its high quality and excellent performance, SAE won the bidding ultimately without any suspense and 2918 pieces of integrated high speed domes and 21 pieces of integrated positioning systems are applied in this project. It strongly proves SAE’s quality and brand.
                the other City Surveillance

                 Shanghai city Surveillance      Wenzhou city Surveillance     Nanjing city Surveillance 
                 Hangzhou city Surveillance     Jiaxin city Surveillance          Changzhou city Surveillance 
                 Guangzhou city Surveillance   Yuyao city Surveillance         Nantong city Surveillance 
                 Zhuhai city Surveillance          Haining city Surveillance       Yancheng city Surveillance 
                 Fuzhou city Surveillance         Ningbo city Surveillance       Changshu city Surveillance 
                 Foshan city Surveillance         Chengdu city Surveillance     Suzhou city Surveillance 
                 Zhongshan city Surveillance    Chongqing city Surveillance   Shenzhen city Surveillance 
                 Taizhou city Surveillance        Weihai city Surveillance        Lishui city Surveillance 
                 Yiwu city Surveillance            Haiyu city Surveillance   
                 Nanning city Surveillance        Dongguan city Surveillance   
                 Tianjing city Surveillance    


                 Futian Downtown Surveillance Project                           HK Government Project   
                 Jiangsu city Surveillance           Shanghai city Surveillance                 Fuzhou city Surveillance  
                Zhejing city Surveillance                 Zhuhai city Surveillance            Dalian city Surveillance